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E-Liquid - TPD Approved

For the uninitiated, e-liquid is the fluid that is used to fuel an electronic cigarette. It is what your e-cigarette is filled with and provides you with the nicotine solution and flavouring for your vaping experience. The e-liquid creates the vapour produced by an e-cigarette that mimics and replaces a traditional cigarette in that you exhale the vapour rather than smoke.

The team at Fancy Electronic Cigarettes pride ourselves in being one of the most reputable e-liquid suppliers and we are especially pleased that we can provide our customers with a truly mouthwatering big range of some of the most unique and best e-liquid flavours on the market.

Whether you are looking for that simple tobacco hit without the health risks or see your interest in vaping as a chance to push the boat out a little we have 5 different categories of flavours – Fruity, Tobacco, Sweet, Savoury and Alcoholic to choose from and all our e cig liquid flavours are available in either 10 ml or 50 ml packs.